About UK Firework Review

Information about this website and how to contact the Editor.


About UK Firework Review

UK Firework Review (or UKFR for short) was established in 1999 with the following objectives which are still current today:

  • To provide the UK public with information to help them source the best fireworks for their displays.
  • To provide plain English fireworks safety advice that is relevant to the real world.
  • To help firework enthusiasts throughout the UK to network and exchange information in the UKFR forum.
  • To do this at no cost to the reader and to remain independent of retail fireworks – UKFR does not sell fireworks.

Since 1999 the site has undergone huge growth and seen many changes. For example, the fireworks trade has now adopted the use of product video as standard practice meaning UKFR can cover broader areas of fireworks rather than focus on individual consumer items. Plus, the opening of a trade and firers forum has extended UKFR’s coverage to include professional tradespeople too.


Get in touch with UKFR

Feedback is always welcome especially if you have any constructive comments on how to improve the site, features you’d like to see, or even just to say you’ve found it useful. The Editor’s direct email is: webcontact2@ukfr.com. Sorry, due to time constraints it is simply not possible for the Editor to respond to individual requests for help with choosing or using fireworks and you should instead ask in the Fireworks Forum.

If you are a fireworks retailer and are interested in advertising, please see the advertising information page for more help.


UKFR Staff

UKFR doesn’t have “staff” or an office as such however here are the main people behind it:

Pete PetePete, Editor and owner
UKFR is still owned and run by its Editor, Pete, who goes by the on-line name of Pyro Pete. The site continues to be run as a “labour of love” in his spare time. Pete’s interest in fireworks began in childhood and never ended, with a specialism in filming and photography.

The Editor is helped with the running of the busy forum by the following people who kindly work on a voluntary basis:

Known as RocketRev on the forum, Julian is a real life vicar who is expertly skilled to bring calm and order to the forum. Julian became a senior moderator in 2009 and is based in Manchester.

Known as Andy_P on the forum, Andy is a sound engineer by trade. He is a moderator on a number of other web forums and became a senior member of the UKFR moderating team in 2009.



Producing an exhaustive thank you and acknowledgments list for a site which is over a decade old is likely to be an impossible task and will only end up offending those missed off. With that in mind, UKFR gratefully acknowledges the kind work of all its contributors, reviewers, feature writers and forum moderators past and present, with special thanks to those who have been paying members and the firework retailers who have supported UKFR through advertising.

UKFR would also like to extend a particular thanks to:

Tony Webster for his significant and generous support of UKFR in its early days, through review writing and other work.

Richard Harwood for his PHP coding on the old site which brought UKFR into the 21st century.

©1999-2019 UK Firework Review

Established in 1999, UKFR remains independent from the fireworks trade and does not sell fireworks.