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Advertising information for fireworks retailers and related companies who would like to place a banner on UKFR.


Advertise your business on the UK’s leading fireworks website

UKFR has grown since 1999 to become the UK’s leading fireworks website. Whatever type of service you offer, whether it is retail fireworks or professional displays, UKFR represents a great value advertising opportunity.

Its key strength is its forum content, organically grown over two decades to provide a captivating resource for people seeking information on fireworks. Whilst directory websites, link exchanges and pay per click all have their places, there is no substitute for a prominent banner on a website directly related to your business and read by your potential customers.

When you consider the costs it becomes even more attractive: Banner adverts on UKFR start at a price that will surprise you and there are no hidden extras – you pay for your banner, it’s placed on the site, simple! There are no pay per click charges so no matter how successful your banner advert is, it won’t cost any more over the term of your advert. With such low prices it really makes sense to add UKFR to your advertising portfolio alongside other channels.


Forum advertising

Traffic in our forum has exploded in recent years and this section is often the one most enquired about. We offer a straightforward package which includes a banner in the header and footer slots where one advertiser from the pool will be selected to appear in each slot per page impression on a random basis.

Any UKFR advertiser, regardless of where they advertise, is welcome to register an account in our Forum, which we upgrade to “Sponsor” status.

Please note that “Sponsor” is simply the term we use to highlight a paying advertiser in the forum; you cannot become a sponsor by any means other than paying for an advert somewhere on UKFR or the Forum.

Advertisers who also register in the Forum for a Sponsor account can also make announcements and post plugs in the Buy Fireworks forum section, subject to conditions and posting allowances. And all posts made by Sponsors are accompanied by a prominent link to their website under their username.

Retailers who wish to do so can also have a pin appear for their shop on the Sponsor Map.


Get in touch for more information and to book your Forum banner slot

Please first of all register an account on the Forum if you have not already done so. If you’re registering a new account you can reply to the welcome private message from the Editor, to enquire about advertising. If you already have an account, create a new private message (click on “Inbox” then “Start a new conversation”) to user “Pyro Pete”. Sorry, due to spam, direct email contact addresses are no longer published on this page.


Policy regarding SEO, link exchanges, referral fees and agencies

UKFR does not sell advertising banners on the basis of SEO or any ranking gains. In particular, UKFR does not sell text links. Please be aware that UKFR’s main aim is to share fireworks related advice and information with as wide an audience as possible and to do this, and best support its sponsors, an ethical policy of banner and link placement is important.

UKFR does not deal with agencies or third parties, only direct with the company who is advertising.

UKFR does not participate in, or place adverts on the basis of, referral fees or commission. This is entirely against the site’s policy of being impartial and having no direct connections to the selling of fireworks. In order to be seen to be complying with this policy, UKFR is also unwilling to place adverts containing links with any form of tracking, referral or affiliate codes.

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