After a full day of hard work the moment of truth had arrived. For this show, we were using three camcorders to capture the action. One filmed from the same position as shown in the photos below and two filmed real close to the action, near the firers. You can check out the video clip below to see this display from all three perspectives.

But over to the digital stills camera first. Here we take a look at the distant crew with seconds to go. The bright white light from the tower is from the crew's rotating "Space Flower" spot light.

Then the sky was ripped apart. These pictures need no commentary, as always you can click on any thumbnail to view it full size:

Same display now, from the same place, but a different way of looking at it. Pete B's 35mm SLR using traditional film for some rich, detailed pictures:

For our video clip, we decided to try something a little different. In addition to the normal "spectator" camcorder to record the aerial action, we employed two additional cameras. One was a digital camcorder set up right in amongst the shell racks. The other was a miniature wireless analogue camera set behind the firing desk, looking past the firers towards the nearby fireworks. These three cameras generated some very interesting footage, the main clip below is the complete display shown in part from each of these three viewpoints.

If you have ever wanted to know what an eight inch mortar tube looks like from a few metres away when it goes off, or the view the firer gets as he's pressing the buttons on his firing desk, here is your chance to find out! You can also click on the thumbnails below to view stills from the video.

Well a totally brilliant display as you can see from the above clip. Well done to the Dynamic crew for a top-class display after a hard day's slog while being overflown by some very noisy aircraft.

Normally, it would be time to head home and start the feature. Not this time, there's another day to this event! Check out the next section.

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