With the pyro-boat holding position in the sea off the beach, it was time to get the second and final night's displaying underway. We took up positions on the pier, so had a unique viewpoint with identical displays at ninety degrees to each other! But we could only focus our cameras on one, so we looked out to sea...

These are the pictures from the digital camera, click on any thumbnail to view the full-size version:

Same display now, from the same place, but a different way of looking at it. Pete B's 35mm SLR using traditional film for some more rich, detailed pictures:

We concentrated our video efforts on Day 1, so check out that section for our main pyro clip. On Day 2, we had a few technical difficulties (jammed tape!) so decided to concentrate on the above shots. However, the back-up camcorder was left running, and you can see brief highlights below. The clip does not do the fireworks justice however. Note that a second - closer - display was being fired to the left of the camcorder, so the audio bears no relation to what you are watching!

The cheers and very excited announcer on the video clip above sums up the reaction to this double display. Quite simply one of the best pyro shows I have seen yet, Dynamic really pulled off something special here, well done!

We hope you have enjoyed this feature and in-depth look at what is involved in a large event over two days. All that remains is to say thanks once again to Nigel at Dynamic for allowing us to come along, and the firing crews for their help and cooperation.

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