Welcome to our Lowestoft 2002 feature! On the following pages we report on our fantastic two days in August 2002 at the Lowestoft Air Show, as guests of Skyscenes Pyrotechnics.

Myself and Pete B were expecting two days of standard firework action. What we actually got was two days of fireworks, pyro, a manic ride on a gunboat on the North Sea, and a ringside view of an air crash. Not your average few days, but for us one of the most exciting events we have covered on UKFR.

Let us first introduce you to the Skyscenes team, our hosts for the two days:

From left to right: Andy, Gerry, the boss Steve, and the fragrant smelling Simon. This is a team that knows how to get a brilliant display up and running despite the challenging conditions you'll read about.

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The Day One and Day Two main reports are by Pete B with the picture captions by myself.

Read on and enjoy,

Pyro Pete

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