Fireworks during the day? We must be mad, right? Nope - although the idea seems crazy, with the right fireworks it can work very well. And here to prove it, we present highlights of Jubilee Fireworks' daylight interpretation of Star Wars, from the Shugborough Fireworks Festival.

During daylight hours it can be very hard to see the subtle colours that many fireworks contain, so the main emphasis is instead on sound effects. Crackles, bangs and whistles are required. A good daylight display is possible with consumer fireworks, but professionals have a much wider choice of items many of which are specific to daytime use. In this display, you'll see parachutes and even coloured smoke in the aerial shells. Theatrical effects, flares and coloured smoke can also be used to good effect.

Very bright silver fountains are required to show up in daylight.

To appreciate this display the most, please download our video clip, sit back and enjoy something a little different to the usual pyrotechnics:

Daylight Fireworks AVI : Full clip for broadband. 16Mb AVI, DivX required.
Daylight Fireworks WMV : Full clip for dial-up. 6.4Mb Windows Media.
Daylight Fireworks (short) : Highlights only, for dial-up. 2.5Mb Windows Media.

An aerial shell. During the day you can see all the smoke trails too.

You can also click on any video grab below to see it full-sized:

Check out the mess afterwards though!

Well done to Jubilee Fireworks for an entertaining display. It really showed what can be achieved with the right fireworks during the day. The interpretation of the Star Wars theme was also impressive with screeching mines creating visions of TIE Fighters coming in for the attack.

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