Daylight departed and in its place a sense of expectation and excitement descended on to the hills around. Spectators gathered and crews were poised. I took my place on high ground looking down at the action and waited, cameras rolling. Enjoy...

The firing area and distant church might look serene now, but all hell is about to break loose!

The distant murmurs of the waiting audience were interrupted first of all by the whoosh and bang of some rockets. These were review items, sourced for UKFR by its members. These were followed by a number of cakes and candles, fired singly under the scrutiny of a UKFR jury.

With the "official" business finished and the audience warmed-up, it was time to open the gates of hell. A blinding flash and huge boom erupted from high up on the far field. Even though I was expecting this huge fireball to start the main display, it still made me jump. You can see this fireball in the "Extras" chapter.

With car alarms going and a stunned audience wondering if they really should have stayed in for the evening, it was time to get the main display underway. Enjoy some long exposure shots from up on the hill...

Firers are dwarfed by the massive barrages

Barrage of Golden Lion's Silver Fish In Blue Lake

Candle corner - visible from space!

The end of Eros

Intense action

A huge amount of category three was fired (many thousands of pounds worth) and you can see the highlights of this in the video below which includes a few cat 4 sections included in the main display. But that was not all. Check out the next sections for the separate cat 4 BIG finale and many extras!

Main cat 3 display : Highlights of the main display. 75Mb Windows Media video file in ZIP format. Please right click on the link and save the complete file before opening and playing.

Wonderful barrages of pretty colour combinations

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