Taking part in the day's activities were a number of professional crews lending their time and services. We cannot thank these kind folk enough, contributing in the interests of having a good blast and not for profit. In this section we take a look at just a small section of the pro gear being set up.

One of several pro crews sets up their own cat 4 display, in the far distance you can see another pro crew
setting up a huge bright orange sixteen inch mortar tube

As good as it is to see a field full of cat 3, a field full of cat 4 always attracts extra attention. Many pro firers arrived during the day, lugging large amounts of worryingly large cakes and shell racks to various safe positions situated in the field further back. Shells, fan cakes, you name it! And so UKFR members were drawn to these areas like moths to a lamp, stepping delicately between miles of wire linking electrical ignitors to their firing boxes.

1: 2: 3: 4: 5:

1: Closer look at one of the pro teams setting up some shells 2: View over the cat 4 towards the main display area 3: Those large cakes look the business! 4: Candle corner! Huge fans of candles 5: Final fusing up

The general aim of the display was to start with a huge fireball followed by the main display. As a finale, the cat 4 shown above was to be fired, followed by the sixteen inch shell. Smaller professional sections incorporated into the main display included candle corner (shown above), the tea chests of doom (don't ask!), a flame projector and more. You can see video of all this in action in the chapters to follow. For now, more setting up video:

Cat 4 set up : Some of the cat 4 set up (one crew plus candle corner). 8Mb Windows Media video file. Please "right click" and save to your PC before playing.

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