Onto the second "bunker" now and an even larger set of stores designed to supply the professional display and wholesale side of Dynamic. Our first port of call was a smaller store containing a number of mortar tubes and racks. It was the large number of these that gave the best indication of Dynamic's professional pedigree, there were literally hundreds in all sizes.

In the corner of one of these stores were a few that caught my eye because of their physical size. No less than twelve inches wide in fact. You could almost stand in one (I almost tried to for a photo but thought better of it, it is some years since my waist was that thin! I can just imagine the headlines: "Fire brigade rescues firework enthusiast from large tube").

And then our final tour, the large magazine full of cat 4. This had just about every conceivable type of professional firework inside with the emphasis being on aerial shells, boxes after boxes of them.

I could put on a really good display with this lot!

Look what I found - a TWELVE inch mortar tube!


LGB compares the bore to a complete cat 3 firework.

Loads of mortar tubes.


And loads more. Dynamic are serious when it comes to pro displays.

Boxes and boxes of aerial shells.


Candle fans ready for the next display.

More candle fans,


To most people, just a card box. To us, a point of interest. This box contains nothing less than twenty five, five inch aerial shells.

Enough shells to produce a small show.


Even more boxes of pyro.

This was probably the most pyro in terms of quantity that I had seen in one single day. Overall we'd seen everything from category two up to category four, from sparklers to huge aerial shells. Having walked into Dynamic's shop and thinking they were a "smallish" operation, I had to admit that even I was taken aback by the sheer scale of things. And I still think what we saw was just the tip of the iceberg.

After a natter outside it was time to say good-bye, with Nigel, myself and LGB going our separate ways. We had a brilliant day with Dynamic, who gave us quite a revealing insight into a large scale retail and professional operation. Their hospitality was fantastic and we're looking forward to our "Another day at Dynamic..." feature already.