Dynamic Fireworks, based in Colchester, are part owners of the exciting new Planet Fireworks brand which is responsible for importing some very nice pyro to our shores including many classy new effects from the Brothers stable. Needless to say then we were very excited at the prospect of spending a day with them (that's our polite technical description, translated into enthusiasts-speak it means "Spending a day rummaging around their stock room and fondling fireworks").

But we weren't quite prepared for the sheer volume of fireworks we were about to see, from antique collectables through to some of the largest cat 4 money can buy. After a whistle-stop tour of no less than a shop, a workshop, a store and two huge bunkers, it is safe to say that we left slightly dazed but very, very happy!

Click on a section below to explore Dynamic with us from the comfort of your armchair, and savour the ambience of tons of fireworks in close proximity:

Many thanks to (from left to right) Roy, Nigel and Bob and the rest
of the team at Dynamic for their hospitality and time.

In addition to a retail outlet, Dynamic provide a mail order service, professional displays, and can supply the trade. For more information about Dynamic Fireworks and the services they offer, please see their website.

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