After the success of their first review evening in 2002, Firework Emporium decided to do it all over again the following year. The original review evening marked quite a bold step for a retailer to take - firing their stock in front of a public audience so they could judge for themselves. This time around they decided to go one better - hosting it right in Ipswich itself, allowing a huge number of their customers and the public to participate.

With the prospect of seeing lots of pyro in action we were looking forward to our second big visit to see the FE crew. This feature covers our day in the shop, inspecting and photographing the pyro, then moves on to the review evening itself with setting up pictures and of course the fireworks in action. Finally, we cover their professional display which ended the evening, which deserves a section all on its own because it was quite spectacular.

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In addition to their excellent retail outlet in Ipswich, FE also have a shop in Enfield, can provide fireworks by mail order, and cater for professional displays too. They've always been popular with our members who appreciate their wide range of fireworks and in 2003, our members, other enthusiasts and the UK public voted them "Best fireworks shop" and "Best fireworks retailer" in the UK Firework Awards 2003.

For more information, to browse their stock, or to place an order, see their website.

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