Welcome to a Firework Review Gallery Of Pyromania SPECIAL FEATURE!

Huge fireballs and explosions are not exclusive to Hollywood. Here in the UK a Staffordshire based company called HFM Pyrotechnics can blow things up "to order" for films, daylight spectaculars or even as a climax to a firework display.

Naturally, having pyromaniac tendencies we were more than happy to beg, borrow and steal some great pictures of these feats of pyrotechnics. Enjoy!

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Hope you didn't park your car in the "NO PARKING" zone... here it's hoisted up then thousands of Chinese Crackers (hanging down) are ignited. If you thought the litter from a roll of 500 was bad, try this many for size!
To complete the destruction, the car is then detonated into a huge fireball.
You either love caravans or you hate them. If you hate them you'll love these pictures. The scene was "leaking gas" and the audience were not told what was about to happen. First the escaping gas is ignited, sending the gas canister into the air....
Then it lands on the caravan, where the next carefully timed explosive is waiting, blowing it to smithereens.
Here we see the mangled wreckage still in flames. A fair price for the number of times I've been stuck behind a caravan at 40Mph in my book....
Putting out the flames...
This is why I never park my car outside HFM if I go to browse their fireworks, you never know what might happen.
On its way down to earth...
BOOM! That's the end of that old wreck.
I thought Proton Bomb left a hole, check this out!
For every second of pyro effect there's several hours of planning. Here HFM take a rapid-fire sequence of a lifting charge which would later be used on the gas canister shown above.
Maradona made a very grave error in a certain World Cup football match...
Here's HFM's response to the so called "Hand Of God". Not surprisingly this went down very well with the stadium audience.
HFM prepare for a typical conventional display.
HFM in Spain. The close proximity of apartments is normal in Spain, you see every Spaniard loves fireworks and they have a fiesta every month too. If only it was the same here....
HFM fire some shells from a car park roof (as part of an organised display I should add!).
We leave you with two more VERY big explosions....
BOOM! Hope you enjoyed this special feature.



The activities depicted here were carried out by a professional pyrotechnics company under strict safety control. Please do NOT attempt to recreate any of these activities at home!