We present the trade demonstration - which mostly consisted of professional (category 4) fireworks - in the same format they were fired. Kimbolton's extensive range was spread over eleven sequences each a mix of various effects, capped with a finale sequence.

Each sequence is presented with full details of the product names, types, bore sizes, manufacturer's codes and Kimbolton product numbers to enable trade members to quickly identify products of interest. Each full sequence can be downloaded as a video clip and individual items are shown with video stills plus long exposure pictures.

Please note: Products can display significant difference in colour between each type of medium. This is normal due to the different ways that a digital CCD and 35mm film record colour. In addition, the 35mm pictures were scanned from prints, which adds a further stage were colour balance can be changed. Typically, silver and green effects often appear gold or yellow in 35mm. The video is the best indication of actual colour. Some effects however translate poorly to video and stills including gold willow, brocade, palm and other effects; as a result some of the finer effects can look poor.

Scale: All shells on video were filmed at the SAME scale (fully zoomed out); some ground based cakes and candles were zoomed in. All long exposure digital and 35mm pictures are NOT to scale and have been cropped where appropriate.

All items listed in the format: KF description - Manufacturer code - Firework type - KF item number.
If you were present at this demo and have a firing list, please note that some items have been dropped, typically those for which we did not obtain any useful footage or pictures.

Sequence 1:
18 items including 75mm silver ring, red ring, red peony and silver peony shells; 100mm silver peony, red peony, silver crown and silver serpent shells; 125mm silver peony and red plume shells; 150mm red crossette, silver peony, red/green palm and red crackle willow shells.

Sequence 2:
14 items including 150 shot silver crossette cake; 125mm kamuro, silver coconut and silver scattering shells; 150mm willow, silver criss-cross, silver crossette, silver sparkle rain, white strobe falling leaves and silver palm shells.

Sequence 3:
27 items including 19 to 36 shot cakes; 100mm gold kamuro, meteor comet and tourbillion + flash + green shells; 125mm sunflower yellow + green pistil, red + glitter palm, gold coconut and yellow bees shells; 150mm red bees, green crackle palm with red strobe and green fish shells.

Sequence 4:
16 items including 100mm green peony, green ring, green to crackle, and green + blue shells; 125mm red and green go getters, green to red scrambling comets shells; 150mm haga red falling leaves and golden rain shells; 200mm green crossette shell.

Sequence 5:
10 items including 100mm red crackle crossette shell; 125mm green to purple crossette, gold glitter crossette and red crackle crossette shells; 150mm gold and silver crossettes, gold glitter and red crackle crossette shells.

Sequence 6:
16 items including purple crossette cake, single flying saucer, 80 shot thunderstorm cake; 100mm red ring, red chrysanthemum and red peony shells; 125mm octopus shell; 150mm brocade shell.

Sequence 7:
8 items including 75mm yellow peony shell; 100mm yellow peony and kamuro shells; 100mm gold crossette mine; 125mm half blue, half yellow shell.

Sequence 8:
26 items including 36 shot assorted rings cake, 300 shot gold green fan cake, 100 shot twinkle kamuro fan cake; 100mm blue butterfly, blue ring and gold with flash and blue shells; 125mm butterfly, purple octopus, double circle, triple circle, blue octopus, heart in circle and brocade crown shells.

Sequence 9:
12 items including 150mm crossing circles, double ring, bowtie, spiral and blue/purple peony with palm core shells; 200mm three interlocking circles shell.

Sequence 10:
15 items including 80 shot pink crossette cake, rainbow Z cake, 100 shot wonderful sight cake, 100 shot great western cake; 125mm crackling flower and green peony shells; 150mm green peony + brocade ring and crackling flowers shells; 200mm brocade shell.

Sequence 11:
25 items including 16 to 50 shot cakes; 100mm green and white blinker shells; 125mm brocade silver to green shell; 150mm butterfly in circle shell; 4oz rocket range.

Watch the Kimbolton finale of fanned effects and shells, with a firing list too!

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