Atop the moor at a lovely pub situated above Scammonden Dam over looking the M62. We arrived in the early afternoon and drove around the back where the vans were presented with an ATV assault course which had to be navigated to get to the firing site. This was fun, up and over hilltops and around mud-drenched corners bouncing up and down (knew I should have gone to the toilet first!) until we reached our spot.

When we stopped I jumped out of the van, landed in a puddle and jumped straight back in. Brrrrrr! It was FREEZING. Time to don all my extra clothes and get on with the set up. What a place to set up… long grassy moorland, grass covered boulders and big trippy-over clumps of grass.

It's grim up north and even grimmer on top of a cold moor!!

Gren and Dave got on with the shell racks whilst Pete and I started with the cakes and candles. As for Mick he was still putting on extra layers of clothes and a rather suspicious looking pair of gloves which I am sure were for helping cows in labour, I wasn't going to bend down near him with those on anyway. The setting up didn't take very long, the shells were covered and we all went off into the pub to warm up whilst waiting for firing time.

Mary and Dave joined us a little later and Mary wanted a few shots of the set up so I led her outside to where everything was. What a mistake! It had gone from freezing to super-freezing within minutes. My teeth were chattering like mad, glad she didn't take long. Once back inside something caught my eye over the bar so I moved in for a closer look and what would you know a beer for pyromaniacs! "Archers Sky Rocket" ('ll have to check lots of that out later!).

Firing time… Back in to the arctic again and wandering up the hill I was shivering all the way. Everyone gathered outside ready for the show and portfires were at the ready.

Whumph! Up went the 5" maroon. Boom it went, the sound was completely lost being so exposed on the moors. Nevermind plenty left for the other shows. Pete got on with a fan cake to get the proceedings going as Gren moved over to the shells.

Silver Brocade shell taken by Mary.

A rack of candles followed along with another small cake. Things were going nicely so far. Boom! Up went the next set of shells, silver brocades filled the sky along with a green peony. I was getting my close-ups of cakes firing whilst above my head the sky was being filled with shell after shell.

Next up and worth a special mention was the great "Bugle Horn Cake". This was like the Missile Of Star's BIGGER brother, it fired whistling stars in banks of ten that changed direction and pitch three times and it ain't half loud (but not a patch on the Super Mantronix that was used in the next display). The two minute cake burst into life next with a bank of crossettes as the silver willow candles were spreading fronds of beauty across the moors.

More pictures from Mary. Click on a picture to view the full version.

BOOM! The first of the 5" shells launched heavenward. The Dragon's Eggs was fired up, crackling and spitting followed, then came the much coveted Cenxi Surprise for the finale. The place was going mad and the Cenxi really showed off its hefty price tag by relentlessly launching 30mm bombettes that broke to huge crackling and multi coloured stars.

As all of this was going on the last of the shells went up with a 6" chrysanthemum and an 8" willow to silver crown, which had a huge break and hung there for ages whilst being blown away in the wind.

Close-up pictures from TLG including Cenxi Surprise (left and in action second from right).

Time to pack up and considering how cold it was I decided to run around to get this lot put away. Once done I wasn't hanging around for a lift in the vans over the bladder jerking obstacle course I went straight down the hill and into the pub. Time to try out a few barrels of that Skyrocket.

"A beer for pyromaniacs"!!

Thumbs up to the landlord who treated all of us to a fantastic meal, and everyone in the pub was more than pleased with the show. One more down, ten to go hehehe this was going to be a fun week!!!!!!!

From this, a cold, damp, windy moor... to this...

... a pub full of pyro-satisfied clients and firers, that is definitely a good night's result.


Many thanks for that great report Graham and to you and Mary for the additional picture material - Pyro Pete

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