Our next display with Skyscenes Pyrotechnics was a wedding at the Parkhill Hotel in Oulton, Suffolk. This was a brilliant setting because the the hotel is set in lovely spacious grounds and the weather was very kind to us too. It always brings a tear to my eye to see couples tie the knot, and to celebrate it in such grand surroundings with the warming sun and the prospect of some decent pyro to end the evening.

Parkhill Hotel as seen from just above the firing area, looking
out through the garden towards the main building.

Our first task was to park the car. We were greeted on arrival with two signs pointing in opposite directions depending on what wedding party you were with. Reassuring obviously if you are a guest but having decided we were with neither (because I did not know the name of Skyscenes' client) I took a brave guess which by a complete fluke took us past Steve and Gerry hard at work down a grassy incline.

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Steve ropes off the firing area for safety. This was another great venue because Steve had all the space he needed with wasteland for the fallout zone. And Mini owners don't panic, they made sure all the cars in this shot were moved before the display started.

Steve gets the shell racks ready to a backdrop of green.

Steve tests Gerry's reactions by throwing a roll of tape at him. We did not record any movement on Gerry's part, but he was still defrosting I expect after having been cryogenically frozen at St. Peter's Brewery.

Here, I distract Steve to pose for a shot while PeteB loads all the pyro in my boot, heheh...

This is a good view of the firing area showing Gerry working on a rapid fire sequence of fireworks. Next to him is a candle rack and in the background Steve finishes work on the main shell rack.

Because of the large amount of "Ground Zero" material gathered in the previous displays we decided not to use a remote camcorder for this one, but to concentrate on still images which are shown below. We explored for a while and found a great spot right over on the other side of the marquee. I would be utilising the digital stills camera and PeteB was opting for 35mm with his SLR. I would also operate the camcorder, although this was just a "point it in the rough direction" job you can download some highlights from this below, including the finale gold willow barrage.

This is one of my favourite shots of the season showing
pretty coloured crossettes filling the sky above the wedding marquee.

Let's get the party started with some aerial shells. This is a mix of green and silver.

This shot is from the same sequence as shown full sized above but here the crossettes are all green. I think it looks stunning.

More crossettes but this time fired vertically so the long exposure effect is lots of coloured lines from a central point. The wedding marquee (bottom left) is dwarfed.

A nice view through some crossettes to aerial shells exploding above. Here we see blue and green aerial effects above green and red crossettes

This shot was taken just at the last gasp of the crossettes - hence their short trails. Down below, the next sequence starts which is a set of candle fans producing green stars and sound effects.

The angles on this look nice from our position. The green candle fans go left and right but the main action is two gold willow cakes that are angled to converge in the middle.

The brilliant "daffodil" cake that we saw at St. Peter's. That is my own name for it because I think the green trails resemble stalks and the hanging yellow are the flowers.

More crossettes in three colours, purple, red and green. Stunning. Over the top of these, a deep blue shell explodes.

A vibrant mix of colours here with red stars, purple breaks and green strobe which is shown by the interrupted green trails as they flash on and off.

Spinning silver comets explode to green and red shell bursts

The same effect again but zoomed out to show the higher aerial action from blue and purple shells.

Towards the end just before the cascading gold finale (which you can see on the video clip below) you can see a brilliant purple shell.

Wedding guests (bottom right) enjoy vivid coloured effects,
here a sequence of purple and red.

From the same sequence of fireworks, here are some great images by Pete B using 35mm conventional format:

Parkhill highlights : The highlights from the footage that the camcorder picked up. Includes crossettes, cakes, and a gold willow finale. 3Mb Windows Media clip.

The display was a great end to what (from the sounds of merriment from the marquee!) was a very successful celebration and party by both the clients and the venue. A long walk back to the firing site and we found the crew unpacking and tidying up - you would not believe the amount of litter that needs to be cleared up after a fireworks display. We said our good-byes and looked forward to the next display at Felixstowe.

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