Second team to fire at the Champion of Champions competition was Fantastic Fireworks, who won the competition a decade previously in 1997. Sandwiched between Happy Dragon and Pyro 1, their firing area was crammed with a huge amount of shell racks and tubes so it looked like they wanted to live up to their name!

The Fantastic Fireworks team!

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1: General view of the firing area 2: Foil covered shell racks 3: Looking through some more racks 4: Some VERY large cakes
5: Large shell tubes 6 & 7: More shell racks

We caught up with Glenn Plume, the Fantastic Fireworks display manager. "We're going for a LOUD finale with this one" he explained. "We'll be using 5 inch maroons, and one section will have 1000 reports in just ten seconds. The rest of the show will include single shot Italian pyro sequences, mines, candles, fan cakes and so on. Shells include two huge 12 inch, two 10 inch, eleven 8 inch and nearly three hundred 5 and 6 inch shells".

Lots and lots of shells!

As you can see from the setting up photos there were certainly a lot of shell racks and tubes being set up. Each one was electrically fired, and the miles of wiring eventually ended up back in a small firing hut in the middle of it all. You certainly need balls of steel to stand in the middle of that lot!

1: Glenn in the firing hut 2: Another view of the firing area 3 & 4 & 5: Lots of smaller shell tubes 6: View towards the sea
7: Crew hard at work

We'd like to say a big thanks to Glenn for taking the time to show us around the site and to the whole team for their friendly welcome. Back over at the spectator point, their firing area was pretty obvious thanks to a huge "Fantastic Fireworks" banner unfurled along the railings. The display that followed certainly was fantastic and the ending lived up to expectations. Well done.

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