The third team to fire on day two of the Champion of Champions competition was Jubilee Fireworks, winners back in 2003. We took the long trek down the breakwater to have a look at their set-up.

The breakwater - Jubilee are second from the end

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1: Part of the firing system 2: Candles 3: Single shot sequences 4: Boxes of pyro
5 & 6 & 7: Large shell tubes

Andy at Jubilee took a few minutes out from setting up a massive arsenal of pyro to show us around. There were lots of very large shell tubes - right up to 12" - dotted around, leaving us in no doubt this would be a hard hitting display. However in addition to the larger items we spotted a lot of single shot fans too, fanned out on wooden boards.

Single shot sequences

There were a lot of Spanish and Italian effects according to Andy with many items sourced especially for this show. Water flares, rotating fountains and chase sequences would also make an appearance.

1: Working on candles 2 & 3 & 4: Single shot candles 5: Team at work 6: Site view 7: Working on shell racks

View between candle racks

You can see from these pictures there was just about every type of firework on show here, and the Jubilee area was one of the most densely packed.

1: Boxes and equipment 2: Candle 3 & 4: Equipment and lots of wire 5: Large tubes
6: More Equipment 7: Flotsam and jetsam

Over to the spectator area and the display lived up to expectations - and more. Widely regarded by the crowd as the best display over the two nights, we are pleased to confirm that Jubilee were crowned overall winners! Congratulations to the team and thank you again for allowing us a quick look behind the scenes.