The final team to fire at the Champion of Champions competition was MLE Pyrotechnics, winners the previous year in 2005. They were in position at the very end of the breakwater.

Sixteen large shell tubes

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1 & 2: Modules of sixteen shots 3: General view 4: Closer look at some tubes 5: Waterproofed candles
6 & 7: More tubes

As current champions MLE were going to pull out all the stops and it showed with the large variety of pyro being set up. As you would expect there were lots of shells of varying sizes plus a large assortment of candles and mines.

Single shot sequences

The single shot sequences looked very interesting, arranged in modules of sixteen as shown above.

1 & 2 & 3: Tubes being loaded 4: Checking the wiring 5: Waterproofing 6: Lots more wiring 7: Candle fans

MLE team at work

The amount of wiring required for electrically fired shows is staggering. It criss-crossed MLE's firing area between the fireworks, junction boxes and firing modules.

1: Large cake 2: A look at some shells 3: Part of MLE's Fire By Wire system 4 & 5: More shells 6: More racks 7: Large shell

Over to the spectator area and the start of MLE's show provided a great end to two days of stunning fireworks. Part way through a large shell detonated very low - whilst the crowd thought this looked spectacular it was not planned - and the display subsequently dropped slightly in pace.

Mat Lawrence at MLE explains: "A Vulcan shell took out a load of our firing system and nearly all of our single shots. Unfortunately this meant significant parts of our display were missing much to the disappointment of the team and the many people watching I'd imagine."

You'll see on the video clip that even with a "significant" part missing this still looked great! We're very sorry for the MLE crew who spent a very long day setting up. We'd like to thank them for allowing us on site.