The second team to fire on day two of the Champion of Champions competition was Northern Lights, winners back in 1998. As with the other teams an incredible amount of pyro was in the process of being set up.

Working on a shell rack

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1: Closer look at part of the firing system 2: General site view 3: Team at work 4: View across candle fans
5 & 6 & 7: Candles

Steve Allison kindly took a few minutes out to explain some of the show's content. There would be shells up to ten inches in size, and the general idea was to create something innovative and a little different. There would be lots of multibreak and Italian effects, culminating with a different style of finale.

1: Team at work 2: Larger shell tubes 3: Fusing 4: More candles 5: Part of the firing system
An old favourite! 7: General site view

Back over at the spectator area and we were treating to a stunning show. The crowd particularly enjoyed some of the well choreographed coloured rainbow sequences. Well done to the team and many thanks once again for letting us have a look around.

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