The third team to fire at the Champion of Champions competition was Pyro 1, winners back in 2000. Going third meant they were further up the concrete breakwater, placed between Fantastic Fireworks and Shellscape. Their firing area was marked by a couple of large "Pyro 1" sails which were flying in the breeze.

Like all of the other crews, they were hard at work when we arrived and their setting up area was strewn with a huge assortment of pyro plus all the accompanying equipment such as racks and frames and a million miles of wiring!

Looking from Shellscape's display over to the Pyro 1 firing area

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1: Pyro 1 sail 2: Lots of equipment 3: Large cakes in the foreground 4: Candle frames 5: Angled shell tubes
6: Foil covered shell racks, view towards the end of the breakwater 7: More large cakes

With thanks to a press release from the team, we have some good details of their show. In total over a tonne of pyro was going to be blown up, with a net explosive content of nearly 500kg. This material was sourced from both China and UK suppliers. An astonishing 755 aerial shells were present ranging from 75mm up to 300mm (12 inch).

There were 251 candles from 12mm to 50mm and 120 single shot candles. Plus, 83 100mm mines, 24 flight rockets and 27 large cakes! If that wasn't enough to whet our appetites (and walk very carefully around the site!), special sequences listed included water bursting bengal flares, comet lattice sequences, falling leaves, multicolour moving stars, shapes sequences and finally pink, orange and lemon special colours. All this to be fired using the Pyromate system supported by some sequences programmed into the Fireone system.

Many thanks to the Pyro 1 team for letting us on site to take these pictures. Check out the video and pictures below to see this superb display in action.

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