The last team to fire on day one of the Champion of Champions competition was Shellscape Pyrotechnics. They were the only team competing who have pulled off a double win, back in 2001 and 2002.

The Shellscape crew at work

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1: Fusing shells 2: Lots of shell tubes 3: View back towards land 4: More shell racks 5: Another site view
6: Shell box - one of many! 7: Three very large shell tubes

Shellscape's boss Steve mentioned that the show would be fired with their new Matrix firing system. However this was all top secret stuff and so for understandable commercial reasons (patents pending etc.) we have not featured pictures of this other than an outer carrying case. What we did see though was a massive stash of cakes, candles and some hefty shell tubes.

Lots of shells!

Being on the very end of the breakwater had its good points and bad points. On the one hand the crew were not sand blasted from all the spilled sand whipped up in the wind which was a bonus. But there was one hell of a walk through three other teams to the loo!

1: Applying foil tape 2: Single shot candles 3: More racks 4: Matrix case - that's all we can show you! 5: Even more racks
6: View towards Plymouth 7: I think this is a rogue photo of a different crew at work!

We were really looking forward to seeing this one. Back at the spectator area and the start was awesome, but sadly for us a freak change in wind direction caused the smoke from the candles and cakes to blow right at us and obscure the view. You can see this at the start of the video clip getting closer and closer. At one point nearly every single firework was blacked out. This was very frustrating not only because we could hear what sounded like salvo after salvo of big bore effects, but we later found out spectators just a few dozen metres further up had a clear view. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. As a result I'm afraid that the amount of video and pictures from this display is quite limited.

Thanks again to Steve and the crew at Shellscape for their hospitality and we're sorry that matters beyond our control have prevented a full ten minute video clip to showcase their talents.