This report from Djliam:

Yep, I finally managed to let off my fireworks after loads of delays due to rain, wind and relatives (don't worry though... they were all stored in metal containers).

Favourites proved to be the Mt Apo silver cone, the Discovery Rocket Pod (which looked much better than the one reviewed due to the 60% increase or whatever), Silver Dragon and the large sparkling wheel.

Disappointments? Four or five of the shots in the Shellshock cake didn't bang, the green strobe candle wasn't what I expected after seeing other strobes, and the Rio giant salvo blew apart halfway through!!!!!! Good job I was well away from that one. Only half of it remained intact.

Also, the Lunig ball rockets weren't as good as I expected either. The silver one especially didn't seem to have the same sky filling impact as the one reviewed, although they did seem to go higher. Instead of paying £100 for 5 rockets, I could have got 60 Medusa rockets or 5 rocket pods (35 rockets) These would have been much better in my opinion. I think this was my last time of using large single rockets.

However, Red Palm Tree, followed by Triple H Bomb, followed by 2 Crazy Horses, Blue Brocade and Shellscapes Golden Jubilee Cake all together make for a superb finale (and the cheers from the crowd afterwards were the icing on the cake). If only someone had brought a video camera - it really did look awesome!

Now all I need to do is loads and loads of overtime at work to get my bank balance back to a respectable level! And I've been told we need some more to let off in a fortnight. AAARRGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and one more thing - you can never have too many portfires (or any, if like me you forgot where you put them!).


Just been to the first of three displays on our towns harbour, and forgot to take camera/video camera. It was quite good as well - about 10 mins duration with a bit of everything thrown in. It started with some weird shells too - they broke to form a vertical line of about 6 or 7 stars which floated slowly down. Nice! Then there was all the other fireworky gubbins (technical term).

It would probably have been even more enjoyable had it not been pouring down, but with 3 tall ships as a backdrop and the reflections in the water it looked magical. In fact, it has furthered my need to do it for a living, so I am offering my services to anyone that wants to employ me. I have a valid drivers licence, am able to relocate and am nice to get along with. Any interested parties can send me an email.

Now I have to wait till this Sunday to let my few off. And then I have to wait another 6 days till the next professional display. And after that I have to wait another 2 weeks till the NEXT display. Such a hard life!


Rreport courtesy of, and with thanks to, Djliam.


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