“I have an idea!" - an innocent e-mail from Rocket Rev that turned into a frenzy of fire, bullets and bombs: Dr Who and the Daleks - UKFR style!

After many hours propped up against the bar with DEMEX (“I've got loads of Detcord to get rid of”) going over the Rev's idea, we came up with a small set piece of two, maybe three, Daleks firing 14mm candles at a 2D Tardis, which would fire blue candles from its light back in return… Daleks lose.

Various stages of construction

Then the five hour drinking session one afternoon kicked in, big time! DEMEX who has his own FX company and works in films and TV, stated that he may know of an armourer and a stunt guy that might be interested in coming along to the Woodman, to spice things up a little. Well 'phone calls were made and we talked money. I talked to the Rev and we agreed that it would cost too much and that we should to stick to the original plan, keep it small.

More construction

Well I started to search the web for Dalek and Tardis plans and even had to join online forums in the “Who World”. The Rev booked a day off work and came down to DEMEX's London workshop and the Daleks went into production. We found along with the original builders that they are a difficult thing to build! We even had a look at the NSD (New Series Dalek) and talked to the builder, who confirmed it was “a sod to build”. After a full days work and a candle light supper, the Rev went forth back t'north.

Assembled on the field

I had a few all-nighters with the three Daleks and the Tardis, also quite a few hours in the pub with DEMEX. We started going over the set play, found it was lacking in the “WOW” department, then agreed to go for it after an extended session back at the workshop with some pyro thrown in, well thrown outside.

Well, it took 16 people, hours in a sound studio, a trip to Kimbolton (who gave the hemi's for the Dalek skirts), a lot of money, lots of Detcord, petrol, 400 bullets, pyro, 8 rolls of bell wire, hours searching for props, endless rounds of drinks and even more money… and after the second attempt, I think it was worth it, I hope you did too.

Stuntman (left) and "Demex" (right)

Hats off to DEMEX, his crew and friends, who gave up their time and money, just to entertain UKFR members, friends and family, top bunch and thanks. Also a big thanks to the Rev, for his “idea” and help making those dam Dalek skirts!

VIDEO: View from right at the front of the spectator area. Windows Media format, 960x540 (widescreen format), 55Mb, click on the image to the left. Please download it all before playing.

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