Steve approached me to be a judge for the competition, and I thought it would be rude not to bring a display with me!

Our firing systems are made just a few miles away so I travel down to that area quite a bit - this made it convenient for us to do a site survey and fire a display.

The design of the show began after Valencia last year, it was based on a heavily edited piece of River Dance music that I'd wanted to use for some time now - it is one of the most difficult pieces I've had to choreograph, but one of my favourites. Choreographing a show requires listening to the music again and again (ask anyone who's been in my car) and when it's hard to work on a particular section I cut the music and isolate just a particular sequence to work on.

MLE shell racks

We fired the show from three sites using a Linux FireByWire firing system - with approximately 300 cues. All material was MLE brand and included Yung Feng shells and some items made in the UK.

Largest shell size used: 150mm
Smallest single shot: 25mm
Largest single shot: 50mm
Racks used: 22 (75mm to 150mm)

Music: River Dance, Pirates of the Caribbean, Russian Dance
Duration: 6 minutes

MAIN CAMERA: View from right at the front of the spectator area. Windows Media format, 960x540 (widescreen format), 98Mb, click on the image to the left. Please download it all before playing. Stills from this video are shown above and below.

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