In April 2006, five teams descended on the Woodman pub near Ongar to contest the second St George's Day Fireworks Competition. They were armed with no more than £500 retail value of consumer fireworks each and challenged by strict rules including no fuse modifications. The results really do show how it is possible for the general public to stage near professional shows using high street fireworks. Enjoy the five teams, each showcased with full video and pictures.

And even more pyro, from the professional teams that rounded off the evening.
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St George Reloaded was a great success and was a day that I am very proud to have been a part of. To top off what was a most enjoyable day, the event was also voted 2nd Best Event of the Year in the UK Firework Awards. Now I know that the majority of the votes have come from UKFR, but I also know that those people attend most events during the year so it's humbling for all involved that they viewed our efforts so highly.

When I first proposed this in 2004 I wanted to show just how good Category 3 fireworks could be. I was sick of leaning out my window at home watching people setting off fireworks not only in a boring fashion, but in a dangerous way as well. I feel that between us over the last few years we have taken Cat 3 fireworks to a higher level, and shown that they can provide a spectacular display. We have shown what Jo Public could do with £500 and I think you would agree the results are magnificent. Thanks to all those that competed at Stanford Hall for their inspiration.

I can't thank enough those people who have formed themselves into teams and then gone about creating such magnificent entertainment. It involves time, effort and money; the names of those involved have been published in the reports of the event. I must also acknowledge those companies that have supplied the pyrotechnics at a very decent price to take the sting out of it for the teams.

On top of this monumental effort I have had the support of so many people and companies in making each event even more spectacular by providing professional Cat 4 and special effects displays.

In no particular order I would like to acknowledge the following people:

Peter the landlord of The Woodman for his unwavering support for the event, our thoughts are with him and his family as he battles cancer.

Mike (Mike40) and Skydazzle Fireworks for supplying the PA and to Mike for being the compare for the evening and for supplying a magnificent trophy for the last three years.

Jason and Byron Mayes of Flashpoint Fireworks for their company's participation each year. Particular thanks goes to Jason who being a designer has provided me with professional artwork for the event.

Stuart Hutcheson and Spyrotechnics, again for their supplying of displays for the event. I also have to thank Stuart for assisting me in sorting out the firing lists and costing, his knowledge of Cat 3 fireworks is unparalleled.

Mat Lawrence of MLE whose company provided a breathtaking musical display and who has once again agreed to fire a display for the 2007 event.

Alistair Vardey of the FX Forge, who along with Jeff (Ambientskies), Julian (RocketRev) and a team of stuntmen and women, created a fantastic show featuring Dr Who as its theme. Particular thanks goes to Jeff who over the last two years (being my nearest UKFR neighbour) has always been there to help out when needed and is never shy of throwing himself into things 100% notwithstanding his long standing illness.

Paul Cook has each year been our good 'Sparks' and has lit the arena and provided much needed safety equipment.

Thanks to Mike (Mikebang) of Brighton Fireworks and Marcus (Shedman) for sorting out the Mascleta.

And a big thanks to all those guys and gals for their fire display at half time, and those people who provided security for the event.

Final thanks go to Mrs Meggsy who has to put up with my going on about it all the time and the endless phone calls.

If I've missed anyone send me a stinking message and I will get Pete to amend it.


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