Each year six firework companies compete at Southport in the British Musical Fireworks Championships. Not only do they have to put on a stunning fireworks display but they have to do it to music too! UKFR members Danny Gilbert and Julian Hartley were there to capture all the action from the 2007 event.


Getting the competition underway on the first day were Festival Fireworks (click on the left hand image to view their display page) followed by Pyromania Displays (right).


The second day of the competition saw Anytime Fireworks (left) followed by G-Force Fireworks (right).


In the final day of the competition Essex Pyrotechnics (left) fired, followed by Phoenix Fireworks (right) who closed the event.


Firing every night were Jubilee Fireworks with their Lake Of Dreams fireworks showcase. To view some pictures and video from this, click on the image to the left.

Congratulations to Phoenix Fireworks who were crowned British Musical Fireworks Champions 2007! Well done to everyone involved with the displays, they were all top class and it must have been very hard for the judges to decide a winner.

On behalf of UKFR I would like to extend a very big thanks to all the firework crews for allowing us on site to take photos. It can be a stressful time rigging for a competition and the last thing you need is someone on site with camera equipment asking you questions.

Thanks also to UKFR members Danny Gilbert and Julian Hartley for submitting their photographs and video to UKFR for this feature so other members can enjoy the event.

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Set up photos and display video courtesy and ©2007 Danny Gilbert. Display photos courtesy and ©2007 Julian Hartley. All rights reserved by the copyright holders. This presentation ©2008 UK Firework Review. All rights reserved.