On August 23rd 2003, firework enthusiasts and the public descended on Stanford Hall in the Midlands for the British Semi-Professional Firework Championships 2003.

The rules were simple: Each team, consisting of non-professional firers, had a budget of just £500 of garden and display fireworks and had to create a display to compete for the title of champion. In addition to the budget limitations, the shows were fired in front of a huge crowd in an imposing setting!

The competition was incredibly tough with every single display producing marvelous effects and each team showed their skill in turning £500 of garden and display fireworks into shows of near professional quality. Pictured above: Sky Monkeys turn night into day, illuminating the hall and thousands of spectators on the water's edge.

We were there to capture the sweat, the firing and of course, the end results. I'm sure, like us, you will be very impressed with each display and marvel at what you can do with just £500 of fireworks.

Following the displays, MLE Pyrotechnics took the centre stage and showed what the real professionals can do with what can only be described as a jaw-dropping demonstration of professional firing.

In this special feature, we include both photographic and video material from every display. Sit back and marvel at what you can achieve with £500 of fireworks, download the video clips and be your own judge of the displays.

Use the options below to visit each section, these options are repeated at the foot of each page. We start by looking behind the scenes (setting up) before concentrating on each team's display in turn in the order they were fired. We end with a look at MLE's display, the results, and a thanks and links page if you want to know more or check out other sources of information. You can go through each section in order by using the "Next page >" option:

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