St. Peter's Brewery is our favourite fireworks venue of all time. Lots of room to set up the pyro, great staff who look after us and surrounded by the beautiful Suffolk countryside. Oh, and a huge brewery too, complete with a shop selling the region's finest ales by the box. Hic! Our car always goes back a lot heavier than when it arrived.

Great venue. Pretty setting. Firework-hardened ducks.

The previous two outings here have been with Skyscenes Pyrotechnics. This time, the wedding fireworks display was provided by Fully Fused Fireworks who acquired Skyscenes - but the old Skyscenes crew were still here to help with the show. So it was nice to meet up with Steve and Gerry again and to see how Jim from Fully Fused would do things.

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1: Row upon row of fine ale in the Brewery Shop 2: A brewery tour and beer tasting for £4 - bargain - but not for the sober display team! 3: Outdoor reception venue 4: Part of the finale (joke!) 5: What sort of ground maroon could we make with the half tonne of Ammonium Nitrate we found on the other side of the venue? 6: Unpacking the van 7: Pyro in boxes 8: Assorted shell racks

After checking out the brewery shop - always our first port of call - it was time to scout out the venue. They'd be firing from the same location as the St. Peter 1 feature - right over in the back corner but the right side of the reception area so the guests simply had to stagger out and the show would be in front of them.

On the opposite side of the brewery there were too many obstacles including power lines, gas cylinders and half a tonne of Ammonium Nitrate! So although the setting up area was dusty and strewn with old abandoned machinery, it was by far the safest place to set up.

Nice curves! The car isn't bad either.

Weddings are great displays to do because you get a real sense that you're contributing to someone's special day. This wedding party were celebrating in style with a flash car and a live band.

1: Unloading a display can take time 2: Setting up the tube for the eight inch finale shell 3: Candles in racks 4: Assorted shells in a box 5: More shells 6: Close-up of a three inch shell 7: Close-up of a five inch shell 8: Brocade Silver

As you can see from the pictures there were a number of big shells, right up to eight inches - it was clear the bride and groom were going to get a very good send off! Supporting these were cakes and candle bundles. The van was soon unloaded and the crew got to work constructing shell racks and frames to hold the candles - the ground was solid concrete.

View over some big shells.

This was going to be a hand-fired display, and these are always the most interesting to cover. We decided to employ our new wireless helmet cam for this display which would hopefully pick up the mayhem of being up close and personal to professional fireworks. This would transmit its signal back to the recorder in my car which I parked in an unused barn a little further back. A spare camcorder was set up quite close to the fireworks themselves to try and capture a wider view of the danger zone.

1: Five inch shells ready and waiting 2: View across the shell racks 3: Loading the eight inch shell - steady as she goes 4: Laying out the smaller shells 5: View across another rack 6: Fuse at the ready 7: Candle barrages in racks 8: Cakes

Thanks to kind weather and nice staff keeping us fed and watered, setting up was very enjoyable despite a zillion strange looking insects sweeping in off the field - although these were later mopped up by a zillion bats!

Final setting up by torchlight after dusk.

After dark we finalised the camera positions with the crew and myself and Pete B retired a long way back down an adjacent field for the main video and camera shots.

The distant rumble of the disco and occasional rowdy banter came to a temporary stop - the time had come for the display. Silence descended on the Brewery and then the show started with a bang...

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You can see the full display in our main video clip which was filmed from three positions and includes some nice close-up footage from the firer's helmet:

What a fantastic display as you can see from the pictures above. It was a very effective mix of big shells and smaller bore action from cakes and candles. Well done to the Fully Fused team who deserved the congratulations given by the bride and groom afterwards.

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