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UKFR warmly welcomes firework related articles, news and press releases from contributors. It’s a great way to share an interest in a particular pyro subject or simply broadcast your news to a wider audience.


Fireworks articles from retailers and the trade

Having content published on UKFR can have some major benefits to your business because of the exposure an article generates. It is well worth the investment of time and in nearly all cases costs you nothing.

Articles and content usually fall into one of these categories:

Features on your firework displays

We regularly pop out to see firework displays put on by professional teams. We usually employ a variety of cameras to photograph and film the action depending on the venue (and the weather). If you would like your own display to have the “UKFR treatment” then please get in touch.

We are particularly interested in displays where we can have full access to the firing area and/or the firers themselves (to mount cameras), plus any displays of an unusual nature. Examples of areas we would like to cover on UKFR include difficult venues (rootops, indoor pyro, displays on barges or at sea). Plus, special occasions or other high-profile events. Having said that, we are just as happy at a small budget wedding show; as you can see from our previously published material we are experts in making any level of fireworks action look good.

We are based in East Anglia and due to the significant costs involved in covering a display we usually prefer to keep to local events. But, we will always consider travelling further if the display is going to be of interest to our readers!

A note about copyright and commercial exploitation:

For display work like this we always work closely with you since the intention is to showcase your skills on UKFR and to support and promote the fireworks trade. Our display coverage is not, for example, intended to be any kind of “review” of your work, so you can always trust us to show your display and services in the best possible light.

Depending on the nature of the display we do not usually charge for covering your display on UKFR however please be aware that all material created through photographs or video remains our copyright and is intended for use only on this site.

If your intention is to have your display photographed or filmed for your own commercial exploitation (ie. you would want access to, and copies of, photographs and video we take) you must make this clear from the outset to avoid any misunderstanding or embarrassment for you later; we usually (but not always) suggest you employ and pay a “professional” to do this as we are not always willing to attend displays at our own expense and then also give you free use of photos and video too.

In some cases we may agree to the free use of our material for your own commercial exploitation for example in return for access to a particularly interesting venue or show; or of you are a UKFR sponsor (as examples) but do please ask first. In the absence of any written agreement between us to the contrary, all work produced would be property of and copyright to, UKFR.

In the majority of cases we attend displays at no cost to the display company, then showcase their display on UKFR, but retain full ownership of all content created – producing unique, original and UKFR-exclusive content is our incentive to provide these services for free of course!

Press Releases

Because these are shorter, they are normally better suited to the Fireworks Forum. If you are a UKFR sponsor you can already post in the Buy Fireworks forum, which is where your press releases and news should be posted and there are no restrictions on posting links, products news, photos and video. You can also use that facility to word the content to sell or plug your products, that is what it is for (conditions and posting allowances apply).

If you are not a UKFR sponsor you should contact the UKFR Editor prior to posting in the forum. This is because your press release will need to be checked to ensure it is not overtly commercial in nature. As an example, we would not accept a press release which simply plugs new products or services which are in competition with existing advertisers. However, we are keen to allow posts which we consider are in the interests of our readers, examples include training days, trade demos, public demos of retail fireworks and new and unique products.

If your press release is substantial in nature and supported by photos or video, it may be better suited to an article here on the main UKFR website. If you think that is the case, please contact the Editor.

Visits to shops and retailers

If you would like to see your shop or company featured on UKFR by way of a visit and then an article, please contact the Editor. These articles are intended to showcase your products and services and are not intended to be “reviews” of what your company does. There was some confusion in the early days of UKFR when the site was reviewing consumer fireworks and readers assumed that such visits were also independent assessments of your company, but this has never been the case. Here’s an example.

Please note that visits and articles which would incur significant travel expenses on UKFR’s part but which largely showcase a business or product commercially, are usually charged for. The Editor will confirm if this is the case for you and be pleased to give a quote. We usually only seek to cover reasonable travel expenses.

Firework reviews and product reviews

From time to time UKFR reviews firework related products, such as firing systems. If you would like to submit an item for review, please contact the Editor.

Where the product falls outside of our area of expertise we usually suggest an article rather than a review. This ensures your product is showcased here but in a fair way. An example would include a complex professional firing system which would be impossible for us to field test to its full capabilities. The main difference with an article is that we do not rate or score your product as we would with a review, nor can we recommend it.

Consumer firework reviews have been replaced with a community-led effort in our forum. We now encourage retailers to post up their own video clips.

Articles on displays and other events

UKFR welcomes contributions from firework companies who would like to write about displays they have fired. These articles should be of genuine interest to readers and accompanied by photos or video. Examples of displays we are particularly interested in include hard to fire locations (rooftops, restricted areas, barges), unusual client requests (particularly challenging themes, colours of effects) or special occasions. We’d also welcome articles on indoor and stage pyrotechnics, an area so far not covered here. Here’s an example of an article submitted to us for publication.

Other articles

Do you have something of interest to share? Some news? Want to write about a particular part of the trade such as importing or retailing? Share your views on fireworks? If so please contact the Editor and we’ll see if it is suitable for publication here.


Fireworks articles from readers and consumers

There are an almost infinite number of firework related subjects our readership might write about, from displays to nostalgia. If you have a good idea for an article you’d like to write then please contact the Editor.


Articles checklist

As a rough guide any content supplied to UKFR for publication should:

  • Be unique to UKFR, with the obvious exception of press releases which we understand are copied to many sources.
  • Contain only material to which you own the copyright to. Publication does not transfer any copyright to UKFR, but assumes permission to publish that material without fee or royalty, now or in the future, and for an indefinite time.
  • Contain no links or SEO related material. We are happy to link to your company at the end of the article but the content itself should be genuine and written for our readers, not a search engine. We do not accept material for publication which has the sole aim of SEO.


Contacting the Editor

You can email the Editor here.


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