Fireworks Feature Archive 1999-2009

Kimbolton Fireworks Trade Demo
Over 180 professional fireworks including cakes, candles and shells supported by eleven downloable video sequences and nearly 700 new pictures. Added: 08/2005
Las Fallas Fireworks
Picture and video gallery of Europe’s best fiesta. Featuring 900Mb of high quality video for UK readers and dozens of new pictures. Added: 06/2005
The Day The Earth Stood Still
The Legendary Graham’s biggest display yet at the Fleece. Candid reporting and spectacular photos. Added: 05/2005
A day at Jordans Fireworks
Importers of the Lunig Ball and Hammer rockets. UKFR member Glen “The Joker” spends a day with Jordans fireworks and reports back. Added: 04/2005
Blackburn Cathedral Fireworks
RocketRev reports on Millennium Pyrotechnics’ Christmas display at Blackburn Cathedral. Added: 12/2004
Hastings Fireworks 2004
The Hastings bonfire parade and display filmed by UKFR member Hornblower. Over 70Mb of new video. Added: 12/2004
Christmas Fireworks at Gt. Yarmouth
Festive spirits as Skyscenes provide the fireworks to Yarmouth’s Christmas lights switch-on. A rooftop display with its own challenges including cold, mist, cold, more mist, and more cold. Brrrrr! Added: 12/2004
Lewes Fireworks 2004
As seen through the camera of a UKFR member, over 150Mb of video and 140 screen grabs. A completely stunning professional display with a jaw-dropping ending! Added: 11/2004
365 Days Later
Another TLG feature, uploaded to celebrate his birthday. Read more candid behind-the-scenes reports from the original UKFR-member-turned-pro-displayer. Added: 11/2004
Ellesmere and the SIXTEEN inch shell
Our tribute to the mother of all shells, the sixteen inch, in this feature offering digitally remastered content from Ellesmere 2000. Enjoy the biggest and the best, complete with delirious women! Added: 11/2004
Leez Priory featuring Firer Cam
Brilliant new feature showing a wedding display – but from the perspective of the firer’s HELMET for UKFR’s closest ever pyro footage! Added: 09/2004
Shugborough Showcase
A comprehensive look at four display teams in action. Over 500 pictures and over 200Mb of video. See four of the UK’s best display companies, at their best. Added: 08/2004
Daylight Fireworks at Shugborough
Fireworks during the day? Yep, as Jubilee Fireworks prove here with their daylight interpretation of Star Wars, from the Shugborough Festival of Fireworks. Added: 08/2004
A day at Spyrotechnics
A new venture offering pro displays and retail fireworks from Chesterfield. UKFR goes behind the scenes at their first demo evening. Added: 08/2004
Dorset Episode I
A meeting of UKFR members at a private fireworks party organised through our forum by member Gerry. Several dozen members and in excess of £4k of fireworks fired in just under 30 mins makes for a stunning show. Added: 08/2004

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