Fireworks Feature Archive 1999-2009

Liverpool Fireworks Display
Fireworks from the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral by Fantastic Fireworks – press release plus some really nice pictures. Added: 07/2004
Dereham with Skyscenes Pyrotechnics
“Ah-haaaa!”. It’s Christmas in the heart of Norfolk and there to help the festivities were Skyscenes as UKFR reports on its first ever rooftop assignment! Added: 07/2004
Felixstowe Carnival with Skyscenes Pyrotechnics
A carnival requires a good display and Skyscenes provided it. Behind the scenes report with rabbits, rabbit crap and fog trying – but failing – to spoil the show ;-) Added: 06/2004
Semi-Pro Fireworks Championships 2003
In its second and final year, this event saw five teams of amateurs compete on a level playing field of £500 of consumer fireworks. The results were amazing. Added: 06/2004
Wedding at Parkhill with Skyscenes Pyrotechnics
“I now pronounce you Husband and Wife”. SO LET THE FIREWORKS BEGIN! Fireworks at the Parkhill Hotel in Oulton, Suffolk. Added: 06/2004
Behind the scenes at the Shugborough Festival with Vulcan Fireworks UK
Check out the venue plus the four teams all showcasing some of the best firework displays you could ever hope to see in the UK. Added: 05/2004
Atop The Moor
More adventures by TLG as he braves a windy moor in his continuing quest to satisfy his pyro lusts!! Added: 05/2004
A day at Fireworks International
The home of the Triple H Bomb and other classic fireworks of our time. Loads of pyro, behind the scenes shots and fireworks in action too! Added: 05/2004
St. Peter’s Brewery II
UKFR returns to the brewery (hic!) for another great wedding display by the Skyscenes team. Added: 04/2004
Dean Clough II
Another great report from TLG from behind the scenes at his second Dean Clough display. Added: 04/2004
St. Peter’s Brewery
Oh lord, don’t let UKFR loose in a brewery! A fantastic setting for a wedding display with Skyscenes complete with beer, beer and more beer plus a few sandwiches. Added: 04/2004
Halifax Fireworks
A report from The Legendary Graham as he goes “up top” on the Halifax’s HQ for a major display with Pyrovision. Great display, great report, great pictures. Enjoy. Added: 04/2004
Langley Fireworks
A look behind the scenes at Langley School for their summer fireworks display with Skyscenes Pyrotechnics, plus photographs of the display itself. Added: 03/2004
A day at Dynamic Fireworks
Fireworks retailer and one of East Anglia’s biggest professional display companies. UKFR checks out huge piles of fireworks and other delights in a WW2 bunker. Added: 03/2004
Another day at The Firework Emporium
UKFR returns for their second annual review night and a good look around their shop too.  Added: 03/2004

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