Fireworks Feature Archive 1999-2009

Black Cat Fireworks and Standard Fireworks trade demo
UKFR sees almost the whole Black Cat, Standard and Gold Ranges in action. In this feature you can see the whole lot on video, supported by numerous pictures!  Added: 03/2004
A day at Newsbox Fireworks in Loughton, Essex
One of UKFR readers’ favourite shops in the London/M25/Essex area thanks to its concentration on only the best from each brand and at great prices. UKFR checked out the stock and the staff! Added: 10/2003
Semi Pro Championships
The first event, covered here by Richard Harwood with some behind the scenes pictures. Added: 07/2003
Wensum Valley Golf Club
UKFR tags along to a smaller wedding display to see how the professionals do it. Some great pictures here of both setting up and the fireworks. Added: 06/2003
Whitehaven Maritime Festival
UKFR member DJ Liam provides a brilliant report into one of his first cat 4 adventures with Highlight Pyrotechnics. Sun, sea and fireworks, plus some nice pictures. Added: 06/2003
Shugborough Fireworks Festival
Gallery of the 2002 event featuring pictures by Tim Webster. Added: 06/2003
Starsky’s fireworks meet
It started as a suggestion in the forum, it ended as the UKFR’s first member-organised meet in Starsky’s backyard. Added: 05/2003
Lowestoft 2002
Airshow plus fireworks = one of UKFR’s best assignments ever. It had everything – pyro, sun, sea, jets, air crashes, lifeboats, seasickness… heheh… Added: 01/2003
Reader 2002 reports
UKFR reader reports from the 2002 season. Added: 12/2002
Lark In The Park
TLG goes behind the scenes with Pyro 2000 for an electrically fired show. Added: 09/2002
A day at Firework Emporium
UKFR’s first visit to Firework Emporium (then called “World Of Fireworks”) to see the shop, staff, and then into the wilderness of Suffolk for a review session and some dam fine ale! Added: 09/2002
Shugborough Festival of Fireworks
Tony and Tim Webster visit Shugborough and report back with some stunning images of this exciting event. Added: 08/2002
Summer Shocker
TLG reports on a wedding displays “in the hills” complete with marquee, big shells, hearts and of course, drunken debauchery afterwards. Added: 08/2002
National Fireworks Championships
The national championships in Plymouth each August is perhaps the best free fireworks display in the UK. UKFR was there to capture three displays from the 2001 event. Added: 08/2002
Southport 2001
Some very nice images and firework textures captured by UKFR reader Adam Savage. Added: 08/2002

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