Fireworks Feature Archive 1999-2009

A day at Sandling Fireworks
Tony braves a good deal of sheep shite around Sandling’s magazines to meet up with the head honcho Graham and fondle his 16 inches. Added: 06/2002
The Long Weekend
Several shows, loads of pyro, loads of great pictures including some really nice pictures of various different cat 4 items before firing. Added: 06/2002
Dean Clough
Pyro action on a car park roof! Report and pictures supplied by TLG. Added: 06/2002
Summer Wedding Bash
TLG goes behind the scenes at another wedding display. Added: 06/2002
Ripponden Parish Display
Here’s were it all started for Graham (TLG) as he tags along with a professional crew. Added: 05/2002
The first report
TLG’s first report, about his cat 3 display before he progressed to cat 4 mayham in later displays. Added: 05/2002
Great Balls Of Fire
Brilliant pyro action as HFM Pyrotechnics blow up all manner of items for fun. Added: 01/2002
Reader 2001 reports
Reader display reports used to be compiled into features before the forum took over as the place to share firework experiences. This report from 2001. Added: 12/2001
A day at Exclusive Fireworks in Hounslow, Middlesex
This shop concentrates on the excellent Devco brand with a seasonal shop in the high street. UKFR had a look at some member favourite fireworks including Missile Of Stars. Added: 10/2001
Clevedon Fireworks by Firemagic
Tony in action again, this time having to endure wind, rain, a rising tide and other hazards to report back from Clevedon with some rather nice video footage of mine sequences along the pier and more. Added: 08/2001
Our 2000, Your 2000
Find out what UKFR did to celebrate the Millennium and also what UKFR readers got up to. Added: 01/2000



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