Fireworks Fuse Suppliers

The companies listed on this page specialise in the supply of fuse (such as visco and black match). Unless otherwise stated they will supply both consumers and professionals, plus they will deliver.

Visco Fuse Shop

Visco Fuse Shop – We stock visco, flying fish, falling leaf, quick match, black match and tape match fuses, all stocked and sent from the UK.

Further information about the fireworks fuse supplier listings

If you are a consumer (as opposed to a trained professional) please take care when using fuse. The legal situation is somewhat unclear with our understanding for consumers being that any fusing of fireworks (such as connecting two together) should only be done on location at the site of your display, for example when you are setting up the fireworks. It is possible that new legislation may make obtaining fuse harder for consumers who do not fall under the classification of “persons with specialist knowledge” and we recommend you keep up to date with our forum for the latest discussion on this subject. However, UKFR accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this advice or for any reader’s use of fuse. Above all, the use of fuse or any related equipment such as electrical firing systems should only be undertaken after suitable training or tuition.

Our busy Forum has a section dedicated to the subject. In addition to many discussions covering the safe use of fuse, there is also a sub-section containing video clips showing what the various types of fuse do and how quickly they burn. Registration for UK readers is free if you want to ask for advice: Fuse advice forum.

Firework companies listed on this page are paying advertisers; UKFR accepts no responsibility for the contents of third party websites nor for any interaction between advertisers and readers. Paying sponsors support the running costs of UKFR so please give them priority when you buy fireworks. If you are a specialist supplier of fuse and would like to see your banner here, please see this page for more information.

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