Fireworks are what UKFR is all about: It is the UK’s biggest and best website on the subject! This article runs through the main parts of the website and is intended to help first time visitors to UKFR get the most from it.


Fireworks help and advice

An extensive part of this website is given over to helping beginners. If you are a complete novice and are even unsure of what the different terms mean (cakes, candles and so on), start by clicking on “Beginner’s Guides” in the menu at the top of the screen, then click on “Types of fireworks” and select the firework types for more information.

That section also includes a handy article about the difference between DIY (do it yourself, also known as consumer fireworks) and professional services.

Also covered is advice on classifications, storage, laws and regulations, insurance, training and a glossary of terms.


Buying Fireworks

When you are ready to buy, whether it’s consumer or professional, the buying guide has some tips and advice, before you head over to the buy fireworks page which lists site sponsors. Please give these companies your support, find out why.


Fireworks Community

The UKFR Forum has become the biggest of its kind in the UK. Everyone is welcome from total beginners to seasoned professionals. It’s free to register and join (UK only, aged 18 years or older). Share your experiences, ask questions, talk shop, or network with other retailers or firers.

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