UKFR on YouTube – PBB Wheel

Published June 11th, 2011. Filed in: Fireworks Video

I’m pleased to have started a YouTube channel which I will be using to share the large number of video tapes I currently have sitting around the office. These have been accumulating for around 10 years now, quite often I’ll film an event but there isn’t enough material to justify a feature. So, these tapes have been gathering dust – but not any longer. In addition to publishing material not yet seen on UKFR, I’ll also be re-publishing some of the best material currently hidden away in the Features Archive, to showcase it to a brand new audience.

To get started I have a clip from the Peterborough Big Bang Fireworks event in 2011. This clip shows UKFR member Jeff’s giant catherine wheel in action. This was also a test attempt at doing the whole video shebang in a Mac – import, trim, share to YouTube. It seems to have worked (although I note my import settings mean the clip is 480p and not 720p).

You can view the new channel here:

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