Firework Safety

Published July 21st, 2011. Filed in: Fireworks Blog from the Editor

Firework safety is of course of paramount importance regardless of the size of your display. Sharing plain-English safety advice has always been a key aim of this website since I started it back in 1999. In fact it was the complete lack of any problems at my first large back garden display that prompted me to start UKFR’s original fireworks safety section. If I could put on a safe display, so could others.

So you might be wondering why the prominent safety section was removed when the site was given an overhaul in 2011. Actually, it hasn’t gone at all and has even been expanded. What I’ve done is “rebranded” it. You see despite its importance, firework safety is one of those subjects that people tend to just switch off to. So thanks to some smoke and mirrors, the safety section is now listed as “Using Fireworks”. Same information and material, same aims, but different name.

The hope is that instead of seeing a safety section and just ignoring it (wrongly thinking it’s boring, or they don’t need to read it) visitors will instead be drawn in to an enticing “new” section telling them all about using their fireworks, from setting them up to letting them off. Then, almost without them knowing, loads of useful advice will be imparted onto them.

Firework Safety

Fireworks safely lit in a back garden. Incidentally this still from a video shows up a ghost in the green house. Seemingly an old man watching proceedings!

The irony is that despite its bland name, firework safety – at least how this site approaches it – is not about preaching that you should not hold or throw fireworks, or misuse them, but is instead a complete manual on how to let your fireworks off better. By following the tips and advice given here your display will look better and flow better. You’ll have significantly less chance of having show-stopping gaps or problems and a hugely reduced chance of injuring anyone including youself. That’s what is known as a win-win situation.

Even if you’ve put on several displays and even if you think you know how to let fireworks off safely do have a browse of the Using Fireworks section (use the menu at the top of the page). For example do you know how to easily waterproof fireworks to make them immune to damp, dew and rain? The coping with bad weather section will advise you. Or the best ways of lighting your fireworks by hand?

It won’t take you long to have a browse through the extensive guides and I’m pretty sure almost everyone regardless of their experience will pick up something useful to help at their next display.

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