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Fireworks insurance, your financial safety net

Fireworks Display InsuranceUKFR advertiser WorldWide Special Risks talks about fireworks insurance for your displays in this article.

Published September 27th, 2012. Filed in: Articles & Information

Importing Fireworks

Jordans Fireworks take us behind the scenes  in the lengthy process of importing new fireworks into the UK.

Published March 12th, 2012. Filed in: Articles & Information

Rocket Aerial Video

Attempts to capture video from consumer rockets using miniature key fob cameras, duct tape and a large field.

Published August 7th, 2011. Filed in: Articles & Information

Putting sky lanterns under the spotlight

Chinese LanternsUKFR member Chris KoF has used the Freedom of Information Act to go digging behind the scenes of the debate over the use of sky lanterns and reports on his findings.

Published August 6th, 2011. Filed in: Articles & Information

Sky lanterns: The difference between high and low quality

Sky LanternsLewis Sellers from Night Sky Lanterns talks us through the differences between the low quality lanterns that have done so much damage to the industry and the higher quality lanterns that you should be concentrating your money on.

Published June 13th, 2011. Filed in: Articles & Information

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