Image licensing terms: For free use

The terms and restrictions set forth on this page apply where you have been given written permission (by email or letter) by the UKFR Editor to use specific images, without paying a fee, and have been directed to this page. These conditions, and permission to use the images, relate only to those images confirmed in writing and does not apply to any other UKFR content, which remains copyright.


General terms

Please remember that all images remain copyright to UKFR. Permission to use images does not amount to any transfer of copyright or the granting of any other rights over the images. UKFR therefore retains the legal right, at any time, to withdraw permission for any image(s) to be used without giving either notice or a reason. UKFR also retains the right to amend these conditions at any time.

Images may be resized, cropped, enhanced or otherwise post-processed for the purposes of rendering better versions, but may not be substantially changed, reworked into logos or graphics, or any other derivative form.


For use on websites

Each page containing an image must contain a text credit to UK Firework Review which must also include a working, clickable link through to the UKFR home page as shown below:

Image ©2011 UK Firework Review

The web address for the link must be:

The “Image”part of text shown above may be amended where appropriate for the purposes of identifying which image(s) from UKFR have been used, however, it is not necessary to include this more than once per page even if more than one image is used, providing it makes clear which images are from UKFR.

The hyperlink must not contain any “nofollow” or similar code to prevent search engines from following the link, nor must the link be obfuscated in any way for example with scripting, and must be rendered in text and not as an image.

The image credit text does not need to be prominent, providing it is clearly readable it may be situated at the bottom of the page or in the page footer area.

You must not upload the image(s) to photo sharing sites such as Flickr, or distribute the image to any third party.


For use in print

All images used in printed material such as posters, leaflets or brochures must be identified individually as coming from, and copyright to, UK Firework Review as shown below:

Image ©2011 UKFR.COM

It is perfectly acceptable to render this credit in small print alongside the image or on one of its edges, but the text must be readable.

For brochure covers, it is acceptable to credit the image on the inside cover or first appropriate place in the brochure where your text begins.


For use in video

Images used as stills in video work must be credited in the credits section of the video as follows:

(Image text) ©2011 UKFR.COM

With (image text) being replaced by a description of the image sufficient to enable it to be identified as the image used.


For use without giving credit

If you would like to use any UKFR images but would prefer not to have to credit them to UKFR, please contact the Editor. In these cases a fee usually applies and a different licence is issued.


Breaches of these terms

In the event you have been given permission to use images, subject to these terms, but break these terms or otherwise do not comply with the crediting requirements, then such use is deemed as a breach of UKFR’s intellectual property rights. In these cases UKFR may contact your web host with a take down notice, contact Google and other search engines to request the page(s) concerned are taken down, and may instigate legal action against you to recover damages. The breaching of UKFR copyright is also expressly forbidden in the terms and conditions of advertising on UKFR and may result in the removal of any adverts from the site.

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Established in 1999, UKFR remains independent from the fireworks trade and does not sell fireworks.