Mail Order Fireworks

Consumer fireworks delivered direct to your door! The companies on this page specialise in a mail order fireworks service for large or small displays with the convenience of direct delivery by courier, anywhere in mainland UK. If you’re still at an early stage and don’t yet understand the various terms used to describe fireworks or the difference between professional and consumer fireworks, then try the Start Here! guide first.

Firework Crazy

Mail order fireworks with next day delivery for just £14.95 (orders over £99) or FREE for orders over £300!

Lets Party Fireworks

Fireworks delivered by Lets Party.

Epic Fireworks

Epic Fireworks – the UK’s most talked about fireworks. Huge savings, top quality fireworks, delivery nationwide.

Jordans Fireworks

Jordans is a family business offering fireworks for sale throughout mainland UK, delivered direct to your door.

Newsbox Fireworks

Mail order suppliers of some of the UK’s leading firework brands at great prices!



A note about courier charges

If you haven’t ordered fireworks by mail order before, you may be surprised at either the high delivery charges or the high order values required to qualify for free delivery. These charges are in fact a reflection of the tremendous costs involved in shipping explosives in the UK at present.

Very few couriers are willing to ship fireworks because they are classed as explosives (yes, even sparklers!). Of those that do, all pass on the huge extra costs to the firework retailers. In addition, various rules and regulations mean that fireworks must be packed in robust cartons and clearly labelled as explosives – all adding to the cost. In recent years, couriers have also started adding fuel surcharges, remote area surcharges, redelivery surcharges and other unwelcome costs. Limited capacity with some couriers for explosives also leaves many retailers having to deliver themselves which can be a massive cost.

The situation deteriorated considerably in 2014 when the major freight company Night Freight pulled the plug on all firework accounts. This left retailers trying to find alternative couriers (translation: looking for rocking horse s**t) or having to deliver themselves. You only need to consider the cost of hiring a van, filling it with diesel and driving to Scotland to understand why this is a problem. Of those couriers left, some have reduced the number of accounts they will service in 2015.

So if you see a delivery charge of £20 or £30 it is worth reflecting on the fact that the actual shipping costs the courier charges the retailer could be well in excess of £50 (with costs for larger orders often exceeding £100) which the retailer is subsidising for you. These costs also mean that many retailers have to enforce a minimum order value, otherwise it would simply not be profitable to supply fireworks for delivery. If you see delivery charges of less than £20 – some retailers only charge £10 or so – bite their hand off. They will be heavily subsidising this cost.

Of course, firework retailers understand you don’t want to pay big shipping charges so will do all they can to offset the costs with special deals or discounts. Look out for free delivery over a certain order value, specific order lines that give you free delivery, or Buy One Get One Free deals (or similar) which effectively pay for your delivery. Many will also try and sweet talk you into collecting and you can bag quite a bargain in extra items if you do – it helps the retailer and it helps you.


Further information about the mail order fireworks listings

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