Firework Beginners Start Here!

If you are new to fireworks and don’t really know what you’re looking for, don’t worry, everyone starts somewhere! Whether you are simply looking for a few fireworks for the back garden, a wedding display or a big public spectacular, the beginner’s guides will help you. This article is a walk-through of these guides to help you read them in order.


Step 1: DIY or professional?

There are two types of firework displays in the UK. Consumer or DIY displays are where you buy your own fireworks and let them off. This is what the majority of site visitors will be using. Professional fireworks are supplied by a display company who also set them up, fire them and clear up. Those are most suited to weddings, corporate events and big public displays.

The DIY or Professional guide explains the differences between them.

If you have decided on a professional display, jump to step 7. Otherwise continue to step 2.


Stunning shows like this one are perfectly possible with consumer fireworks once you have sufficient knowledge on what to buy and how to use them


Step 2: Learn about the different types of fireworks

If you have decided on consumer fireworks, do a little homework and find out what the main firework types are. These guides cover the main types on sale in the UK:

Selection Boxes & Sparklers
Cakes & Candles
Fountains, Wheels & Mines
Lanterns, Lancework & Set Pieces

A number of fireworks are now banned but commonly asked about, especially by people who remember them from their childhood. These are covered in the article Bangers, Chinese Crackers & Aerial Shells.


Step 3: Learn about firework categories and classifications

When you visit a fireworks shop or on-line retailer you’ll be presented with fireworks which are Category 2 or Category 3. Some retailers also make a point of distinguishing between 1.3G and 1.4G. Learn what these terms mean in the Fireworks Categories & Classifications guide.


Step 4: Learn about firework laws and fireworks storage

Make sure your storage and use of fireworks is legal. Read the Safe Fireworks Storage article followed by Firework Laws & Regulations so you know exactly where you stand.


Step 5: Do you need training?

If you are buying consumer fireworks and displaying to the public, it may be a requirement of your insurers that you get some training. Or, for smaller displays you may feel that you would benefit from some instruction. The Fireworks Training article explains your options.


Step 6: Do you need insurance?

Insurance is a necessity if your display is a public one. The Fireworks Insurance article runs through the options. If you are using a professional service they will already be covered (but do check this!).


Step 7: Buy Fireworks!

It’s now time to go and buy your fireworks. Whether you are buying consumer fireworks or using a professional service, the Buying Fireworks article will give you tips and advice on how to do this before you head over to the Buy Fireworks listing to pick a supplier.


Step 8: The next step

The Fireworks Glossary concludes the beginner’s guides with a comprehensive A-Z list of firework terms you will find in retailers and shops.

If you need more help choosing your fireworks or simply want advice about what works best for different displays, try the guides in the Choosing Fireworks section (use the menu at the top of the page).

From there you will now be preparing to set up and let off your fireworks. The Using Fireworks section will guide you through this with comprehensive help for each type of firework.

Good luck – and if you need any more help, join the busy UKFR Fireworks Forum where friendly and experienced fireworks enthusiasts will be pleased to help.

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