Daytime Fireworks

This is a surprisingly common request for a whole host of daytime events such as sport days and fetes. Although daytime specific fireworks are quite rare, there are still a number of options which this article will explain.


When to use daytime fireworks

Any major outdoor event could benefit from the added noise of fireworks. Here are some examples:

  • To open a sports event.
  • To start a corporate event.
  • To launch a new product or service.
  • As part of winning celebrations (eg. podium finish).
  • To open a fete or similar community event (but be careful if there are animals and so on present).


Consider using the professionals

Effective use of fireworks during the daytime can be hard to pull off for amateurs. Many of the most appropriate types of firework for daytime use are not available to nonprofessional displayers. If you want to use fireworks for a big public or corporate event, or a sports event, consider using a professional display company if budget allows (£500+). Using the professionals has some key advantages:

  • The use of professional confetti projectors or confetti mines to create a very spectacular non-firework effect
  • Professionals have access to Chinese crackers, a well known noise effect well suited to daytime use
  • A professional crew should be able to include other key effects such as pyrotechnics and flame projectors.
  • A professional crew will be able to work in more restricted venues such as stadiums or rooftops.
  • A professional crew will tidy up afterwards – a major advantage!
Daylight Fireworks

A professional crew setting up a daytime display consisting of confetti, crackers and noise


What fireworks to use

If you have decided to press on and do it yourself, or if your budget does not stretch to a professional show, here are some suggestions.

Daytime specific fireworks

These are becoming quite rare (mostly due to lack of demand), but do shop around or ask in the UKFR Fireworks Forum. Fireworks in recent years that have been made for daytime use include Cosmic’s Parachute Smoke (19 parachutes each with a smoke bomb, watch a video clip here) and Party Smoke (coloured smoke bomb, watch a video clip here). Kimbolton also made a firework called a Party Mine which exploded into crackles and coloured streamers (watch a video clip here).

Smoke Bomb and Parachute

Parachute Smoke and Party Smoke are two of the very few daytime fireworks UKFR has come across which are available to consumers

Night fireworks used during the day

This is possible! Bear in mind you won’t see many colours and avoid dim effects such as gold. But silver effects look nice in the daytime. Your retailer is the best person to advise which fireworks from their range have possibilities during the day – some fireworks have great sound effects such as whistles, screeches and crackles which are worth a look.

Lancework and firewriting does not work very well during the daytime, so avoid this.

Non-firework suggestions

Confetti products are well suited to daytime use. These can be found in consumer form being sold as confetti cannons. They are usually a one-shot disposable item with a built in air cartridge. You pull the string or twist the handle to get a large whoosh of confetti. Smaller ones are suitable for indoor use too.

Maroon rockets

Probably one of the most asked about items because they are good for opening or closing an event. Sadly, old school bang rockets have been outlawed on numerous grounds (powder content and noise level!). The loudest bangs in rockets are to be found in either meshed display rockets or old stock 1.3G display rockets. But you will pay quite a price for these and will miss out on the nice coloured effects. Still, if you need a whoosh and loud bang that could be your only option. Budget for at least £10-£15 per rocket.

Similarly if you need a single bang to start a race or the likes, bangers have also been banned for some years.

Funeral fireworks

For advice on funeral fireworks or ashes scattering, see the Funeral Fireworks article.


Further information

If you need any further help feel free to ask in the busy UKFR Fireworks Forum.

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