Indoor Fireworks

Indoor fireworks can be great fun and there are several types of fireworks and related items you can use indoors if you don’t want to venture out into the garden.


Traditional indoor fireworks

Readers over a certain age will remember indoor fireworks as those naff things that created loads of smoke and mess on the dinner table. Many of these were outlawed under various laws by the EU because they contain prohibited chemicals or were considered “too dangerous” in today’s nanny state.

Well they’re back! Due to popular demand a small number of firework importers have stocked these for a few years now as blister packs or boxes of indoor fireworks just like the old days. Some of the favourites are missing such as the snow storm but there is still a range of “reassuringly naff” effects such as expanding snake (dog poo) and flashing flames.

This particular indoor pack seems to be discontinued now but the video clip will give you a good idea of what to expect from this type of firework:

Whilst you should not expect any earth moving results these fireworks packs are nonetheless an awful lot of fun purely for novelty value. Please note these are not really suitable for indoor events requiring something more dramatic and they do give off a lot of smoke – so really for home use only.

New! Three different indoor fireworks packs tested and filmed: Indoor Fireworks Review.


Ice Fountains

Indoor “Ice” fountains

Indoor firework fountains

Special indoor fountains are available which give off minimal smoke and do not eject burning particles like outdoor fireworks do. These indoor fountains are often called ice fountains due to their lack of hot sparks. They are easily the most effective indoor pyrotechnic effect available to the consumer. Sold as card tubes about 4 inches long and often with a plastic spike to stick into a cake they are easy to light and give a bright plume of sparks a foot or so high for around a minute. They can also be taped to champagne bottles! To see a video of an ice fountain, click here.


Indoor sparklers

Smaller versions of the outdoor sparkler are available which give off less smoke. These are often sold in tubes of 10 and burn with bright silver sparks. But never use outdoor sparklers indoors! If the packet says they are for outdoor use then using them inside is potentially dangerous due to the amount of smoke given off. To see a video of three indoor sparklers in action, click here. Remember, sparklers are still fireworks and should be used with care, whether they are indoor or outdoor versions.


Confetti products (non fireworks)

Not strictly fireworks but widely available are confetti products such as cannons and table bombs which can be used indoors as an alternative to fireworks. Cannons contain a large spring or canister of compressed air and when activated shoot out a large plume of confetti. Table bombs are activated by lighting a fuse, the lid pops off and confetti and sometimes novelties fly out. The more expensive table bombs ( > £20 each) are very effective because they often contain a number of novelty items to keep guests amused such as pea shooters and party poppers.

Confetti Cannon

Indoor or outdoor confetti cannon


Further information about indoor fireworks

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