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The UKFR Fireworks Forum has grown over the years to become the best on-line community on its subject. Registration is free.

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The UK Firework Review Fireworks Forum

The UKFR Fireworks Forum

The Fireworks Forum lives on a different web address because it does move around from time to time. This is because busy forums require quite a lot of expensive web resources to run, so to enable the maximum flexibility to move servers without disrupting the main site, it has been split off.

If you need help using any part of the forum please see the forum itself for a variety of guides including some video tutorials. And don’t worry if you’re new to forums; beginners are very welcome!


Fireworks Community

UKFR Forum members at a display meet.

In joining the UKFR community you are accessing a wealth of knowledge. Some members have been active since 2001 and cover every possible area of fireworks. Some even organise meet-ups and displays for the community such as shown above. Register today!

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