Kimbolton Fireworks recently reached their 40th anniversary! What better way to celebrate than with an evening of fireworks to showcase the many excellent products this company imports and manufactures. UKFR were kindly invited along to take a look behind the scenes and to capture the fireworks in action.

Our feature is split into two main sections which you can access by clicking on the images to the left and right.

"Setting Up" is our customary in-depth look at the fireworks being prepared for firing. With an emphasis on professional items for the evening, there is a massive collection of very interesting pyro to see here.

"The Fireworks" is our look at the actual products. Thanks to an excellent firing structure and a well produced firing order by the crew, we have not only been able to produce some stunning film and images, but we have been able to identify specific items. Ever wondered what a 150mm Kamuro Twinkling or a 200mm Interlocking shell looks like? Ever seen a particular shell in a display and thought "I wish I knew what that was" or "That would look great in MY next professional display"? Now you can find out!

For more information about Kimbolton Fireworks, or if you are in the trade and are interested in buying any of the fireworks featured here, please contact them on 08700 762538.

We'd like to extend a big thanks to Kimbolton Fireworks for their help on the day and cooperation in letting us loose on the firing site to take pictures.

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