A warm welcome to our first feature on the fireworks festival that is quickly becoming the Mecca for firework enthusiasts throughout Europe - Las Fallas. Sit back and enjoy some of the most technically stunning firework artistry you'll see, and soak up the ambience of Spain's most colourful fiesta with daylight fireworks, parades, bands, costumes, bonfires and huge surreal effigies.

Las Fallas is an orgy of fire and fireworks and takes place in Valencia, Spain. Las Fallas means "The Flames" in Valencian, which sets the scene for the focus of the event. Huge hand crafted effigies called ninots - many of which have taken a whole year to make - are burned to celebrate the onset of spring.

The Spanish are renowned for their love of fireworks and use them in epic proportions here. From the thunderous daylight "Mascletas", through to street parties and finally to the climactic night time professional displays, Las Fallas makes Guy Fawkes look like an amateur.

This feature is split into three main sections: Ninots & Flames covers the daylight and evening celebrations including the many varied ninots, leading up to a huge bonfire with fireworks. Mascletas focusses on the daily firework display involving mostly firecrackers, maroons and very loud bangs (and lots of smoke). Main Displays covers three of the finale displays and you'll be gobsmacked at some of the stunning fireworks on show.

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This feature has been created from source material taken by Paul Cook and the Vulcan Fireworks UK crew. I would like to extend a very big thanks to them for the opportunity to use their pictures and video on our site so that it can be shared with other members.

Please enjoy this feature and the wonderful images and video it contains. I'm sure like most readers, by the end of it you'll want to go to Las Fallas yourself! If so, check out our busy forum. In 2004 and 2005, UKFR members arranged a trip through the forum and met up in Valencia for some fantastic pyro fun with more planned for 2006 and beyond.

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