Colourflek were firing second and had a very hard act to follow. So what better way to start than with the loudest bang of the night from a single maroon rocket! After waking everyone within twenty miles, their main display started with small crackling fountains. These exploded into life to start a sequence of various mine effects with colours and sounds (shown in the picture above). A spread of crackling comets followed and this lead into a barrage of gold glitter fired from three points across their display area. A salvo of coloured rocket effects then added height and colour to this. A long pause of over ten seconds broke the building momentum before bursts of bright red stars got things going again.

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At ground level Colourflek now used some very pretty effects of various colours and spinning silver tops. These show up on the photograph below as a strange looking furry column.

With the display back in full swing, an excellent fan sequence followed, bright comets to start followed by green stars, then crackling, more colours and salutes. This lead into a very quick barrage of noise accompanied by green and red effects then beautiful breaks of gold comets.

Tearing up suddenly through all this was what I rate as the best noise effect of the night. Banks of screeching serpents took off, and went up... and up... and up, wave after wave and higher than any other effect. While these were echoing off the distant hall, three columns of effects lower down combined red, silver and blue into a fanned tricolour. Gearing up for the finale now followed with a determined attack of big bangs topped with a huge rocket break of gold willow and fish.

After some more noise, the best rocket salvo of all the teams with a massive sky filling display of green and red comets, criss crossing the sky, timed to perfection to the end of the noise below.

The crowd applauded - then came the real finale, another barrage of various rocket effects.

This was another brilliant demonstration of just how much you can pack into £500 with Colourflek showing in particular how to pick good rocket effects to please the crowd, good sound effects and a nice mix of colour.

Complete display (49Mb)


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