Tinderbox Fantasia fired third, starting with a salvo of rocket effects then settling to a sequence of crackling. This stalled slightly before some huge crackling comets kicked in, then a really nice rocket salvo that was a lot more coordinated than many of the other teams, with silver strobes ending with a willow. Now an all silver theme with bright magnesium comets before these were joined with the first bangs of the display from breaks of bright silver glitter angled to create nice coverage (pictured above). As this sequence subsided, bright silver comets continued while two big rockets were fired, one of these depositing a wonderful cloud of twinkling silver stars in the sky.

Time for some funny noises now, with a firework producing spinning tops that whistled and zipped away, these always make you smile and the sound effects had greater impact, echoing off the hall. More rockets now to add some height, one of them erupting in a gorgeous plume of purple with silver spinners ending with bangs. Moving on to red effects next, and the pace quickening to a level that would be sustained throughout the rest of the display. Silver tailed shells broke to lovely twinkling red glitter, then followed whistles to add to the increasing noise level. Green the made an appearance, and this section produced a sustained attack, often with up to half a dozen items in the air at once. Slicing through all this were more rockets, and one of these exploding into many whistling serpents, that was very nicely done to compliment the screeching from the ground based items.

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Some heavy duty bangs now, with bright silver comets ending with salutes. These are shown in the picture below as the bigger trails. The corkscrew patterns are made by the screeches and whistles and the continuing colour is shown on the middle-left.

Crackles made an appearance now, as did a few colours, the pace picking up even more, and then surprisingly with seemingly no way you would expect that more effects could be in the air at the same time, from display fireworks and just two firers, they were, with a beautiful display of colours, effects and noise from the ground level upwards. Not only was this very concentrated and very colourful, but various bore effects were used, with bigger items adding height to this column of fire.

This essentially became a finale spanning over a minute, rockets adding to the mayhem, before silence and the show was over. The crowd loved this one, and if you look at the video clips at the finale section in particular, it really does show what display fireworks can do when fired together.

Well done Dieter and Chris for a concentrated and colourful display.

Complete display (40Mb)


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