Firing last on the night were Ground Force. They started with something completely different, four conic fountains arranged on rotating platforms. This was a nice twist and gave an otherwise static ground-based firework an interesting boost. From our position behind the firers we did not get a great view, but the spectators should have seen this reflected in the water. While these were still spinning, spinning screeching tops were fired then the display moved into a section of comets, bangs and colour.

The pace then picked up further with a sequence of bigger bangs, crackles and more nice coloured effects. Lovely green, blue and purple was evident here. Some confusion followed at this point with a great deal of shouting, I thought something had gone wrong or there had been an injury (we learned later it was a team member shouting to another one!), this ended with the launch of a big rocket and then complete silence as the focus shifted back to ground level for another imaginative fountain set piece. Here the fountains were arranged on rockers and swung in one direction then the other. Brilliant blue shell effects were fired overhead.

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With the fountains finished, pretty crossette effects followed, cycling through many shades of nice colours (pictured in the big shot at the top of the page and the images below) and glitter, supported towards the end of the sequence with silver comets from the ground.

Following this was another nice firework, launching a salvo of shots and ending with various effects such as colours, fish or crackles (shown below).

Multiple gold brocade effects now took over but the gathering pace was momentarily stopped dead by a six second gap and the audience started to cheer, thinking it was over. They were soon proved wrong and a pretty layered effect restarted the action with twinkling at the bottom and bright blue, gold and yellow effects at the top.

The pace suddenly went into overdrive with a rapid assault of blue and yellow. Two rockets with nice trails bisected the firing area to dissolve quietly above, leaving hanging gold glitter. Some remaining blue and yellow effects continued for a short while, and then it really was all over.

Well done to Ground Force for a superb display and for being the only team to use an imaginative set piece, I'm sure that has given many teams food for thought!

Complete display (69Mb)

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