Last year's winning team Sky Matrix fired next, the only team consisting of just one person! Starting with a sequence of screeches and bangs very similar to Sky Monkeys, we then saw the only wheels of the night, a welcome and traditional interlude which from the audience's viewpoint should have reflected nicely off the water in front. Building up the tempo next followed brilliant lilac stars breaking to various coloured effects and a pokey bang (shown above), running then into some serious screeching effects. The pace then suddenly slowed to an audience favourite, coloured fish, before more screeching effects raised the sound level back up again and a kaleidoscope of coloured stars caught the eye from ground level.

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The next sequence was green stars breaking to silver glitter and accompanied by crackling, before additional coloured effects slightly higher combined to create a busy column of just about every effect, given extra height by a salvo or two of rockets. Then a big bore candle sequence cleverly mixed both silver comet shells with bombettes. Brilliant red twinkling glitter then changed the colour completely, changing then to green and silver strobe.

A complete change from this to blue stars breaking into big spheres of crackling silver while the blue star then shot off in various directions. A rocket salvo took off to the side of this and added some wonderful greens and purples and reds (see picture below).

Gold comets to green and gold next for a while before the whole display area lit up in front of a fan of brilliant magnesium flares, splitting at their peak into dozens of bright comets. This effect was truly professional and continued for several waves, bolstered by some very big bangs from another firework below.

Not content with "just" this, colour was added to the bottom of this column of silver, and screeching effects added to the noise. Leading then into the finale section and a concentrated barrage of colour and noise supported by a few final rocket salvos. A few effects ran over, but a brilliant finale and the crowd gave warm applause.

Another superb showcase for firework enthusiasts all the more impressive being fired by a single person.

Complete display (63Mb)


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